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About The Maker

I love to express my delight in vintage Apple bitmap graphics with my knitted designs.

I taught myself how to use an Apple Macintosh Plus at the age of ten and I've never lost my love for the 1980s Mac interface and its graphics, simple yet full of character. I've been knitting just as long, but only in recent years as I explored colourwork did I realise that bitmap graphics make great fair isle designs. When I designing my iPhone sleeves, it seemed natural to use something from Apple's past for their most famous product today.

As a kid I deeply admired the Apple giftwear catalogs featuring the famous six colour logo all over almost anything you can imagine, and even though Steve Jobs hated them, I still have a soft spot for them. I like to think that if iPhones were around in the 1980s, my designs are the kind of accessory Apple would have made at the time.

My childhood love of computing and creativity led me to graduate with two degrees in computer science and arts, and I'm rapt to have found a venture that uses all of my education and years of knitting experience. I am also concerned with the environmental impact and sustainability of my craft, so I use local or recycled materials where possible. I am a solo operation and I designed and made all aspects of the products I sell.

I design and knit in Canberra, Australia.

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